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Video Studios

Digital Union Feature

Two video studios are available. Both have identical equipment and functionality in two different sizes.
The studio allows you to record high-quality video without any production experience. You simply adjust the settings, and begin recording. Once you have finished, you can "pick up" your footage from the computer in the lobby, and transfer it to your USB storage device, or upload directly to OneDrive.
Please call (614)-292-3654 at least one day in advance to reserve a studio. When you call we will ask you about your project so that we can best set you up for a successful shoot. A staff member will also be available in the Digital Union during your reservation in the event you have a question or need assistance. 
Advanced Features
  • Picture-in-Picture: With this recording mode, instructors can deliver a lesson alongside their slides, making for a more engaging lecture capture video.
  • Green screen/Chromakey: Use our green screen functionality to transport yourself to a whole new world or use your lecture slides as a backdrop.
  • Lightboard: Record videos with our lightboard to maximize student engagement. This functionality lets you write on a whiteboard while still facing the camera and automatically flips the graphics to be legible in the final product.
  • Audio functionality: Switch from the in-room ceiling mic to wireless lavalier microphones, in order to capture your voice more clearly.
  • Lighting controls & Backdrops: Customize the look of your video with black, white or OSU logo backdrops and control the lighting with the wireless controls
Reservation Guidelines
  • Guests may place reservations up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • No reservations are permitted within 15 minutes of opening or closing time.
  • There is a four-hour maximum reservation length per day per guest.
  • There is an eight-hour maximum reservation length per guest, per resource, per week.
  • If you have not arrived by 15 minutes past your reservation time, the resource may be released to walk-in requests.
  • A No-call/No-show may result in deletion of all your future reservations.
  • You may stay past your reservation end time as long as no one else is waiting for the resource.
  • Class assignments and OSU-related work take priority when applicable.
  • You must have a verifiable, active name.# and present your BuckID on arrival.
  • The guest who placed the reservation must be present throughout reservation.
A user in the video studio in front of a green screen, using the wireless controls